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20 Best Tips for Hair Care

hair-careAs the essential element for the attractiveness, female are very much concerned about their hairs as compared to men. When it comes to taking care of hairs, women don’t take any kind of risk that can fragile their pretty hairs. If you are worried about it too, forget it. Here are some useful tips for your hairs.

1.Treatment with Egg

Egg can be very much helpful for long-lasting shine of the hairs. Moisturize you hairs with egg whites if you have fragile or dry hairs. Leave it for approximately 20 minutes then rinse with normal temperature water.

2.Take Shower Regularly

Your hairs get filthy after absorbing lot of dust throughout the day. They need to be cleaned on regular base. This is major reason for hair fall. So take shower regularly at least twice a day. This will remove dust from them

3.keep away from Hot Water

Hot Water makes your hairs fragile and your hairs start falling. So every time take shower or rinse your hairs with normal or cold water.

4.Bottle Gourd Juice.

Apply some extracted gourd juice on your hairs. It would enrich hairs and make them strong and healthy.

5.Honey as the Panacea

Honey is believed to be a panacea. It is great Herbal for shine and strength of your hairs. Take 1 cup of your conditioner and 2-3 tablespoons of honey and prepare a mixture of these ingredients and apply on your hairs. Leave it for half an hour approximately and then rinse it thoroughly. You will be amazed to see the difference.

6.Therapy of Baking Soda

Prepare a mixture of 3 tablespoons of baking soda and some water. Apply it onto hairs after using shampoo. Wait for approximately 5 minutes before final wash. This therapy will remove the excess shampoo from your hairs.

7.For Bouncy Hairs

Using one to one muddle of hot water and apple cider vinegar to your hairs will make them more vivacious

8.Avoid Washing Your Hairs often

Do wash your hairs frequently; it will make them grow weaker,

9.Formulate you Own Conditioner

If branded conditioner is not available, then try to make your own conditioner with herbals for better satisfaction. For this purpose, mix yogurt and eggs and rub it into your top of head. Then leave it for five minutes and then rinse it completely.

10.Lemon Juice

After washing your hairs, use 1 tablespoon of lemon juice for better results. Continue Reading…

How To Make Your Skin Look Healthy

Healthy-SkinThe way to the perfect skin starts through your kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you use tons of cosmetic products and you take care of your skin with masks and you go to the beauty salon every day. As long as you don’t have a good, healthy diet you’ll have skin problems.

The perfect diet for pretty skin includes two main steps:

  • Hydration – drinking enough water
  • Eating healthy

Let’s talk about hydration first. Take a moment and think about what you drink every day. Where do you get your necessary 2.5 liters of water each day?

First of all you have to give up bad habits that affect your skin like alcohol, sweet drinks, sugary juices, too much coffee (one cup a day is enough), drinks derived from coffee (cappuccino, macchiato, and so on).

You have to start building new habits like having vegetable soups, drinking a lot of water, and eating fruits. These habits will help you stay hydrated and you’ll start seeing improvements on your skin in no time.

Now, let’s talk about eating healthy. Here we have another list of bad habits that can affect your skin but we’ll stick to the basics. First of all you should stay away from fast-foods, fried stuff, candy, and pastry goods. They don’t help with your figure and they won’t help with your skin either.

You have to start eating natural food like vegetable, fruits and meat that is cooked in a healthy manner. It is recommended to start eating nuts and as many foods that contain fibers as possible.

As you can see, the perfect diet for pretty skin doesn’t require great sacrifices unless you are a fast-food addict who likes sweets more than their own health. Otherwise you just have to cut back on a few foods and drinks and your skin will definitely thank you. Continue Reading…

The 10 Most Excellent Food Choices To Achieve Flat Abs


We are all aware that the most ideal approach to get flat abs is to do abs training day by day. Then again, there are a couple of foods that can help you attain your fitness objective faster. The 10 best foods for your flat abs are listed below and you can include them in your daily eating regimen to achieve lean and sculpted abs. Also here is another great advice for you to develop big arms.

Plain Greek yogurt

High in protein, plain Greek yogurt is the ideal food to consume anytime of the day. The protein in plain Greek yogurt helps control your desires for sustenance and helps keep your stomach feeling fuller. Add your favorite fruits for every serving to keep the plain yogurt more appetizing.


Berries are low in sugar and loaded with powerful anti-oxidants. Consume a mug of berries consistently to attain your flat abs. Berries help the digestive system, stabilize your glucose and diminish bloating.


Eggs are among the best nourishments to obtain flat abs, since they are high fat burning component like protein. Consuming eggs for breakfast will help lessen the craving for food during the middle of the day.


A handful of nuts are a brilliant approach to get “good” fats that you ought to be eating every day. Nuts are rich in protein and fiber which help settle your glucose and control your cravings. Add pistachios, walnuts, almonds or any of your preferred nuts into your every day eating regimen to get flat tummy.


Fish helps accelerate your digestive system and curb your food cravings. The protein in fish is filling and on the off chance that you consume fish, for example, salmon and fish, they contain Omega 3 unsaturated fats, which help expand weight loss and burn fat faster. Continue Reading…

Train to Be in Fighting Shape

Training to box is less intense than MMA style fighting. There are a variety of exercises that are part of the training program for boxers on all levels. A good trainer will watch a new boxer perform in battery of exercises first. Following their evaluation, the trainer will explain what is being done wrong and what just needs improved on.

Jumping Rope


After warming up with stretches, start the training session with jumping rope. This helps with coordination and increases your heart rate. The increased heart rate also triggers the body to release adrenaline.

Work in patterns with double swings, cross-body movements and figure eights. Jumping rope is ideal for burning body fat, helping with footwork and building endurance. Endurance is important in boxing because of the constant movement and physically demanding nature of the sport.


burpeesBurpees are common exercises in training for multiple types of sports including football, MMA fighting and soccer. This training exercise involves dropping down to push up position, standing back up quickly and then jumping. This is repeated several times without a break between burpees.

Many athletes do sets of 10 – 20 burpees between stations as a method of increasing their heart rate. This exercise helps with reaction time when taking a fall. It helps the athlete get back up faster and get his or her body back into fighting position.

Shadow Boxing

shadowboxingRegardless of how simple this exercise seems, it is physically exhausting on the body. Shadow boxing should be kept to a minimum during the training session. Most trainers include two or three short sessions of 5 minutes each throughout the workout. When shadow boxing, you are also practicing fast footwork and fast jabs.

Bobbing and weaving along with constant movements help a boxer in training mimic a fight while conditioning the body.

Push Ups and Sit Ups

push-upsWorking in small reps of push-ups and sit ups are great as they work the whole body for strengthening purposes and fat burning purposes. Push-ups work the upper arms, shoulders and back. Strength is built slowly and at a safe rate. Some athletes take push-ups a step further by adding weights to their torso or back.

Sit-ups help burn fat and strengthen torso muscles. Reps of 20 to 25 sit-ups per set are ideal with this being repeated two to three times per training session. This exercise is a core exercise. A strong, hard torso is able to take punches easier and with less impact than an improperly toned body.

Fat Burner Supplements


Do not miss out getting a fat burner for yourself. Fat burners could help you burn fat, give you the energy that you need to workout etc. One of these best fat burner supplements is Instant Knockout which it is proven by MMA professionals.

Weighted Squats

squatSquats strengthen the legs and lower back portion of the body. Balanced squats and weighted squats in a squared body position. When doing squats, it is important to lower the body in a steady manner. Use only your leg strength to push your body back up. Stand still for about 10 seconds before lowering the body back down again.

Forward Walking Lunges

walking-lungeWhile this exercise seems to be low-impact, it takes more physical control than fighters think. The goal of the lunges is to increase total body balance and increase total body flexibility. The muscle groups worked include the glutes, leg muscles and core muscle groups. Continue Reading…

The Big Arm Routine


People always seem to dig the hot and the fab, people who go for extra mile in terms of their fitness. It’s true; it’s really nice to see toned muscles and really nice curves than lazy belly fat, right? But why settle on just that? Why not go for the gold and build your muscles more? Exercise your muscles more with these routine that could develop your biceps and shoulders in the process. Body builders used to do this and with proper The big arm workout and diet, you can do it too.

Our main goal with this routine is to particularly build our muscles in our arms and shoulders. It includes barbells, dumbbells, cables and EZ Bar. I hope you already secured it or if not, you can hit the nearest gym where you can find this equipment. Don’t worry because the big arm routine is created both for the gentleman and the ladies who want a muscle lift and is made by none other than Doug Lawrenson an ex-army who is now considered one of the greats in the body building industry.

The workout schedule will only last for 10 weeks. For the first 8 weeks, you will be doing the same routine once a week and then we will level it up to twice when we reach the last two weeks of your muscle training. The routine would focus on our biceps and triceps. Before you start with the exercise, gradually perform your full body warm-up with some extra effort to flex your arms.

Let’s start with a few notes. While doing this routine, you will have your 90 second rest period in between reps and your timing must be slow and precise.

For Biceps:

Perform a barbell curl with 5 sets each with 8 reps each, and then perform another set of barbell curl with 20 reps.

After the barbell curl, perform an inclined dumbbell curl with your bench approximately inclined between 30-40 degrees with 8 reps for 5 sets and then another set inclined dumbbell curl with 20 reps just like what we did with the barbell curl. This would rather test your conditioning and endurance.

Continue Reading…

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