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20 Best Tips for Hair Care

hair-careAs the essential element for the attractiveness, female are very much concerned about their hairs as compared to men. When it comes to taking care of hairs, women don’t take any kind of risk that can fragile their pretty hairs. If you are worried about it too, forget it. Here are some useful tips for your hairs.

1.Treatment with Egg

Egg can be very much helpful for long-lasting shine of the hairs. Moisturize you hairs with egg whites if you have fragile or dry hairs. Leave it for approximately 20 minutes then rinse with normal temperature water.

2.Take Shower Regularly

Your hairs get filthy after absorbing lot of dust throughout the day. They need to be cleaned on regular base. This is major reason for hair fall. So take shower regularly at least twice a day. This will remove dust from them

3.keep away from Hot Water

Hot Water makes your hairs fragile and your hairs start falling. So every time take shower or rinse your hairs with normal or cold water.

4.Bottle Gourd Juice.

Apply some extracted gourd juice on your hairs. It would enrich hairs and make them strong and healthy.

5.Honey as the Panacea

Honey is believed to be a panacea. It is great Herbal for shine and strength of your hairs. Take 1 cup of your conditioner and 2-3 tablespoons of honey and prepare a mixture of these ingredients and apply on your hairs. Leave it for half an hour approximately and then rinse it thoroughly. You will be amazed to see the difference.

6.Therapy of Baking Soda

Prepare a mixture of 3 tablespoons of baking soda and some water. Apply it onto hairs after using shampoo. Wait for approximately 5 minutes before final wash. This therapy will remove the excess shampoo from your hairs.

7.For Bouncy Hairs

Using one to one muddle of hot water and apple cider vinegar to your hairs will make them more vivacious

8.Avoid Washing Your Hairs often

Do wash your hairs frequently; it will make them grow weaker,

9.Formulate you Own Conditioner

If branded conditioner is not available, then try to make your own conditioner with herbals for better satisfaction. For this purpose, mix yogurt and eggs and rub it into your top of head. Then leave it for five minutes and then rinse it completely.

10.Lemon Juice

After washing your hairs, use 1 tablespoon of lemon juice for better results.

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11.Almond Oil

Almond is considered very important herbal for the treatment of dry and damaged hairs. Heat the almond oil for 40 seconds and then pour it into your hairs. Leave it for 30 minutes and then wash it with shampoo and conditioner.

12.Protect your hairs before Going to pool

Harsh chemical are used in the pools nowadays, so try to protect your hairs from such chemicals by moisturizing them.

13.Use Better Comb or hair brush

Many times the tools we use for the betterment of hairs create more complex problem. Hair fall usually increases using bad comb or hair brush. So invest to purchase a comfortable comb / brush.

14.Tight is NO more

Hairs get delicate while tied tightly, so avoid using tight bands and do not tie hairs too tightly.

15.Trim Your Hairs Regular

The hairs become brittle or split end, so trim your hairs every six weeks to evade it.

16.Moisturize Your hair

Oil is the food for your hairs, so moisturize on a regular basis to get the requisite results.

17.Avoid to Brush Wet Hair

The Wet hairs become three times weaker than normal and there are more chances for hair fall / break. Use dry towel for your hairs first and then detangle gently using a wide tooth comb.

18.Avoid Inexpensive Stylish Products.

Some of inexpensive / economical stylish products are not of the good quality standard. Therefore, avoid such products for betterment of your hairs. Get advice from your physician.

19.Avoid Blow Dryer

Keep away from blow-dryer or hot rollers and let your hair to dry by itself. Use of such artificial mode of drying technique will result in making your hair more brittle and dry.

20.Good diet

Take healthy diet, use healthy food and raw fruits and vegetable. Drink lots of water. The healthy diet is most effective home treatment for hair care.

Well, that is the end of these amazing tips for your hair. However, I’ve also made 2 great tips big arm routine and 10 excellent food for flat abs.