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The Big Arm Routine


People always seem to dig the hot and the fab, people who go for the extra mile in terms of their fitness. It’s true; it’s nice to see toned muscles and nice curves than lazy belly fat, right? But why settle on just that? Why not go for the gold and build your muscles more? Exercise your muscles more with this routine that could develop your biceps and shoulders in the process. Bodybuilders used to do this, and with proper the big arm workout and diet, you can do it too.

Our main goal with this routine is to particularly build our muscles in our arms and shoulders. It includes barbells, dumbbells, cables and EZ Bar. I hope you already secured it or if not, you can hit the nearest gym where you can find this equipment. Don’t worry because the big arm routine is created both for the gentleman and the ladies who want a muscle lift and is made by none other than Doug Lawrenson an ex-army who is now considered one of the greatest in the bodybuilding industry.

The workout schedule will only last for 10 weeks. For the first 8 weeks, you will be doing the same routine once a week, and then we will level it up to twice when we reach the last two weeks of your muscle training. The routine would focus on our biceps and triceps. Before you start with the exercise, gradually perform your full body warm-up with some extra effort to flex your arms.

Let’s start with a few notes. While doing this routine, you will have your 90 second rest period in between reps and your timing must be slow and precise.

For Biceps:

Perform a barbell curl with 5 sets each with 8 reps, and then perform another set of barbell curl with 20 reps.

After the barbell curl, perform an incline dumbbell curl with your bench approximately inclined between 30-40 degrees with 8 reps for 5 sets and then another set inclined dumbbell curl with 20 reps just like what we did with the barbell curl. This would rather test your conditioning and endurance.

For Triceps:

Start with 5 sets of 8 reps each of Close Grip Bench Press and then another set of it for 20 reps.

Get the EZ Bar and then perform with a Lying Triceps Extension with 8 reps of 5 sets and then another set with 20 reps.

Perform Triceps Pushdown with your hands 8-10 inches apart 5 sets of 8 reps and another set of 20 reps.

Other routines include dips, rope push-down, seated barbell curl, hammer curl and cable curl depending where you are and what your instructor would see fit for you. Do not also forget to get rest and proper diet to compliment your workout. I would suggest cutting your carbohydrates and retaining your fat consumption while focusing on more protein. You can ask your trainer or nutritionist what diet would work best for your conditions. Good luck!

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