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4 Exercises to Increase Strength with Power Rack

Power Rack is a great equipment to bring your body into shape. The great thing about it is that it helps you to perform many exercises that make stronger. You can even perform your entire workout routine with the support of only this equipment. Some good exercises suggests that you use power rack are:

• Bench Press
• Pull Ups
• Shoulder Press
• Squats

Here is how you can efficiently perform these exercises and what you need to know to gain most from them:

Bench Press

You need bench press in your workouts to develop upper body strength. To do bench press with power rack, follow these steps:

• This has to be done like a regular bench press. Place a bench in the center of the power rack; the bench should be flat.

• Adjust the safety bar according to the weight and height you normally lift.

• Keep the weight 20% lower than your 10RM. Make sure you are putting the right amount of weight to be safe from injuries.

• Lie flat on a bench with your back and hold the bar. Unrack it and lower it on your chest and then push it back.

• It is all about raising and lowering the safeties. Though, you don’t have to do it to the same level each time.

• Only perform 6 to 8 reps then take a break.

Pull Ups

Push ups and pull ups are two great exercises for upper body. They are excellent to build muscles in the chest, shoulder and arms. To perform a pull up on power rack:

• Set the bar according to your height.

• Hold the bar with your both hands, but more close towards fingers rather than the palm.

• Take a breath and pull up with the strength of your chest.

• Keep your elbows bend throughout the workout and keep eyes focused on the bar. The number of pull-ups you can do will increase as you do them more.

Shoulder Press

It is a great exercise to increase your upper body strength. Here is how to do it:

• Keep your feet firm on the ground, stand straight with shoulder apart. Grab the bar.

• Remove bar from safety and lift it just above your chest in front of shoulders.

• While keeping the chest out, lift the bar over yourself.

• Keep it up in a position that it is in a straight line with your back. Hold it up there for a couple of seconds then lift it back down.

• Perform as much reps as you can.


Squats are one of those workouts that are a must in all the strength training workouts. There are many ways how squats can be performed. Though, one thing is common that they are really useful. To perform a perfect squat on power rack:

• Safety first, keeps the safety at a height according to your bottom squat level.

• Keep focusing on 6RM but don’t keep the highest weight you can carry. Lower it by few kg(s) than your 6RM.

• Place the barbell behind your neck on your shoulders. Keep your feet firm on the ground. Keep the bar on safety lock while doing this.

• Make sure you are perfectly balanced, and you can manage the weight. Then, take the bar from safety locks and on your own strength.

• Now, stand up in this position, maintaining your balance then lower yourself back down. Perform this for 3 to 4 times.

These four exercises are not the only exercises you can do on a power rack. There are tons of other exercises, but when it comes to training your upper body strength, these exercises are the best. Don’t limit yourself to power rack only, perform other exercises as well, to have a complete body workout.

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