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What Exercises You Shouldn’t Use Power Rack For

How many times you have seen people in the gym lifting weights with the wrong posture. Those people don’t want to lift the wrong way. They simply don’t know how to do it right. Lack of knowledge at a gym always results in injuries and improper forms.

Many people are seen performing wrong exercises on the power rack. The power rack is great equipment for performing many kinds of exercises. But many people use it for exercises that are not meant to be performed on it.

It is not only a waste of time to perform that kind of exercise on a power rack, but it is also dangerous as there is always a chance of injury. Why one wants to use the power rack for exercises that are not even meant for it? Other than he doesn’t know that what he is doing is wrong.

If you are one of those people that do exercises that someone recommends you rather than searching for them or asking a professional. Know that power rack is designed for safety so that you can perform your exercises safely but when you perform exercises that are not designed for it; you are only putting yourself at risk. You can also check out this power rack workout program to learn more about how to use a power rack or this power rack workout guide to learn the best four exercises to perform on a power rack..

Here are five types of exercises that you should not be doing on a power rack and if you do then stop right away.


Why would someone want to do it? If you know someone, or you do it yourself, then step out of the power rack. You are only taking up space. Don’t perform curls inside the power rack only just because you can do it.

Kipping Pull-Ups

The power rack is not a place to perform kipping pull-ups. In fact, according to many experts, kipping pull-ups are not safe to do and can cause shoulder and neck injuries. If you want to do pull-ups, do normal pull-ups. But if you must do them, then at least don’t do them on the power rack.

Overhead Triceps

If someone does this on a power rack, then they are simply keeping away others from using the equipment for some reason. It can easily be done some place else, so kindly leave the power rack for others.

Seated Workouts

You shouldn’t lift weight while you are in sitting position says Murphy, a fitness expert. So, if it’s in a normal condition, you should not do it on the power rack.

Why you should not workout while seated in a power rack?

When you lift weights while seated, you put too much pressure on the lumbar spine which significantly increases the chance of an injury. So, only sit in a power rack to rest.

Upright Rows

According to a large number of experts, upright row is not a good exercise for working out the shoulder muscles. They recommend exercise like high pulls instead. However, no matter if you are doing an upright row on the power rack or plan to do high pull now, it is not a place to perform either of these exercises.

It is okay if you do some of these exercises on power rack if you are at home but at a gym, leave the power rack for others when you want to perform these exercises.