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2 Top Things You Need to Do Right Now to Keep your Laptop Healthy

These top two things are the most significant steps for taking care of your laptop, but people nowadays do not perform suck tasks on their laptops.

One of the most important things to take care of your laptop to keep your laptop physically clean. That means you have to clear the poisonous dust from the laptop fans and its external ports in order extend its life and prevent your laptop from overheating. In addition, cleaning your laptop’s keyboard and screen will prevent dust buildup from getting inside your laptop, and it will ease your eyes when using your laptop.

While defragment may not be the most important of taking care of your laptop, it is one thing you should not forget doing. Defragging your laptop is a process to organize the fragmented data which make your laptop work more productively, extending the life of your hard drive. It’s recommended to defrag your laptop only once a month. However, if you’re using an SSD, then you don’t have to defrag your laptop.